Geocaching application for Qtopia.
Copyright 2006 Rafal Mantiuk
This is free software licensed under GPL

If you do not know what geocaching is, visit the geocaching web pages at

GeoKajet can:

You can also view cache descriptions in an HTML browser, such as Opera or NetFront, or using a PDF viewer. But these programs consume more memory on your PDA and are slower to load. Besides, the original layout of geocaching web pages or PDF files is not really suitable for small screens. GeoKajet solves this problem by simplifying HTML and using a lightweight HTML browser to display it.


To prepare files for GeoKajet

Note: The software was tested only with Firefox and may not function with other browsers.

To load a cache description in GeoKajet

Note: The HTML simplification script has been written for the current state of the geocaching web pages and may not work if their format changes. This can be fixed by editing XSLT stylesheet (see To customize ... below).

To decode encrypted hints

To customize the look of displayed pages

GeoKajet uses XSLT to transform a complex HTML of the original pages to a much simpler HTML that can be displayed using Qt HTML browser. If you know something about XSLT, you can edit the file '/opt/QtPalmtop/shared/geokajet/simplify.xslt'. The style sheet requires two parameters:

To contact the author

If you have suggestions, comments, found bugs or would like to contribute, send email to

Why 'GeoKajet'?

The original name was 'GeoHelper', but I had to change it as I found it taken by a geocaching application for PalmOS. 'Kajet' (pronounced cayet) is a rarely used word for a paper notebook in Polish.